About Us

Jamaica Reach to Recovery is the breast cancer support arm of the Jamaica Cancer Society. Our organization is built on the simple yet universal principle that a woman who has lived through breast cancer and gives freely of her time to help another woman facing the same experience is a valuable source of support. Jamaica Reach to Recovery is committed to working to improve the quality of life for women with breast cancer and their families through a wide range of services. Our organization was founded in 1977 by Dr. Denise Thwaites who after being diagnosed with breast cancer recognized the need for peer support among women who were going through this experience.

Members of the group benefit from sharing expertise in breast cancer support, as well as resources, connections, and experiences in a commitment to improve the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jamaica Reach to Recovery celebrates the power of shared personal experiences in the sustaining of the fulfilling quality of life of breast cancer survivors.

As a voluntary non-profit organization the funds raised are used to benefit women who would not otherwise be able to access lifesaving diagnostic tests and treatments.

ICWI recognized for having an ongoing relationship with women through their “Road Angel” Programme, have undertaken initiatives to assist breast cancer survivors in all the countries in which they operate throughout the Caribbean. In Jamaica, ICWI is the Title Sponsor of the Pink Run since 2015. Under their sponsorship the number of participants in the first year was 1138 and grew to 1839 in the following year. We expect that this year our numbers will significantly increase thereby increasing the assistance we are able to offer to breast cancer survivors in Jamaica.

So join us and “let’s continue to do more, until there is a cure”.

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